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Gravity Car Phone Holder


  • With Shock Absorber
  • Very Easy to Operate
  • Provides Maximum Stability
  • Allows One-handed Operation
  • Contains 4 Movable Clips that Secures Phone
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Gravity Car Phone Holder

Introducing the Gravity Car Phone Holder, an ultra-slim, anti-scratch pocket phone holder that provides maximum stability during your ride. The Car Phone Holder has four arms to completely surround the phone and uses a gravity lock design. This car vent phone holder is very easy to operate. You can put your phone in the phone holder with one hand, and the phone holder will automatically hold the phone, which is super convenient.

Four silicone arms provide strong friction and stability, can hold the phone firmly, and will not make any noise when braking suddenly or driving on difficult roads. The Car Phone Mount can be a perfect fit for all 4.7 inches to 6.5-inch smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10/S10e/S9, S8/S7, S6/Edge, S6/S5/S4, and more.

Gravity Car Phone HolderGravity Car Phone Holder

The gravity lock design allows for one-handed operation, and the auto-locking Car Phone Holder allows for true one-step operation. Just put the phone in the phone holder and it will be locked automatically. Pull up the phone to automatically unlock it, easily take out the phone. By installing this car phone mount on the vent, you can use your mobile phone more easily.

A wider field of vision, because you don’t need to look down at the mobile phone, it is safer when driving.  In addition, it will not block air circulation. This is the easiest to use auto car phone holder ever. It is a REAL ONE STEP OPERATION thanks to the gravity principle. Just drop your phone into your phone’s cardholder and it will be locked automatically. Take out the phone and release it freely without any operation.

Gravity Car Phone HolderGravity Car Phone Holder

Optimal stability, maintaining a stable viewing angle and avoiding frequent movements. With an innovative locking system, the mobile will remain in place and will not wobble, even when driving on a jerky road, bumpy, or emergency braking. The retractable car mount features rubberized cushions on the gravity arms and clip to ensure secure attachment and prevent scratches.

It fits most standard air vents and both horizontal and vertical vent blades. It features an adjustable air vent mounting grip to attach to thicker or thinner air vents. It can be easily put or taken out of the stand without adjusting the width of the stand for different models.

Gravity Car Phone HolderGravity Car Phone Holder

This car phone holder is suitable for most different shapes of vents. It has anti-slip clips and bracket claws to lock the vents and secure the phone to prevent scratches. For more information on supporting the air outlet, please see the picture. Grasp your car air outlet to keep your phone from falling. Strongly grab the car air outlet to prevent the phone from falling. Design of a unique arm the improved arm is made of natural silicone gel, which holds the form of various mobile phones.

Allowing it to fix the phone and make it more stable even when the car is shaken violently. The overall bracket is plastic ABS material, with silicone claws, a face cover oil screen, and the overall appearance is small, compact, and compact! Subverting traditional structures, inventing, and creating. By installing this car phone mount on the dashboard and making it a mini size, you can use the phone more easily, but also make it safer when driving.


  • Equipped with a shock absorber for max protection.
  • Contains 4 movable clips that secure your phones.
  • No need for bulky mobile stands anymore.
  • Attaches to your air conditioner vent.
  • 5-point support design.


  • Material: ABS, Silicone Gel which doesn’t scratch the mobile’s back
  • Universal Fit: Perfectly fit for all smartphones from 4 to 6 inch
  • Product size: length, width, and height 120*40*80mm.
  • Colors: Silver, Black or Red


  • 1 x Gravity Car Phone Holder

5 reviews for Gravity Car Phone Holder

  1. Marvin Beck

    I love this. Works well with my vents and makes following map quest so much easier. It’s not so obvious. Held my Note 20 just fine. Works better on the landscape vents, not the vertical ones. Now I don’t have to dig around the seat for my phone.

  2. Stanley Banks

    Works great in most conditions, the best 15 bucks you can spend to have your phone safely positioned where it is easy to see and reach. Helps avoid distracted driving. Fits my phone with a huge case, attaches very securely and I can remove my phone with one hand.

  3. Irvin Douglas

    I love this way more than my windshield mount. This one is very stable and doesn’t shake or rattle when driving. The springs on the base help with this. Overall works were great with my Galaxy Note 8 with a case on it. I would recommend it to friends and family.

  4. Ruben Taylor

    I have an iPhone XS Max which doesn’t fit in a LOT of phone holders. This works great for me, I can place my phone in this holder and it adjusts to the size of my phone and holds it securely while I am driving. It also holds on to the vent very securely.

  5. Albert Thompson

    I saw an ad for these on Facebook and thought I’d try them out. They work great. However, I put an elastic grip on it, and it’s too large, so now I have to take my phone out of the case to put it on but that’s not on the product, it clips well and the way it sits. Great product!

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