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Cozy Cushion Cat Bed


  • Machine Washable
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • 100% Natural Cotton
  • Fit into any storage space
  • Noise Cancelling Material
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Cozy Cushion Cat Bed

Cozy Cushion Cat Bed, this super plush cat bed is great for sinking into a good night’s sleep. Even better, it’s easy to wash! Your Cat Bed will be fresh as can be as often as you want. You can also choose the size and color you desire. Our products are designed for the healthy & happy life of pets. If your cat has made your bed or your favorite chair his favorite place to sleep, it might be time for you to get him his own bed. Finding one your cat will like can take some effort.

Cozy Cushion Cat Bed

The best cat bed should help your cat feel safe and secure, let him sleep in his favorite positions, provide adequate support, and maintain proper temperature. Cat beds should also be easy to wash because cats make messes, and they should be made of non-toxic materials so your cat stays safe. Some beds even give your furry pals a place to play as well as a nap.

The simplest option is to keep your cat heated. Our Cozy Cushion Cat Bed with comfortable cotton is designed specifically for cats. Look for shelters that include heated beds that can be heated to the cat’s natural body temperature. When it’s extremely chilly outdoors, this keeps the kitties toasty warm.

Sweet Cat Bed Warm Pet Basket Cozy Kitten Lounger Cushion Cat House Tent Very Soft Small Dog Mat Bag For Washable Cave Cats BedsWhen not in use the bed may not feel warm to your touch, but your pet can sense the heat coming from the bed. Once your pet lies in the bed it warms to your pet’s normal body temperature to keep them cozy warm. Our warm cat bed’s flexible design means pets can sprawl out or curl up depending on what’s most comfortable for them! Surrounded by cushioned walls, they have extra head and neck support and can settle deep in the snug crevices.

Give your cat the ultimate good night’s rest and hiding place with the Cozy Cushion Cat Bed. Help to keep them warm and cozy all day with soft fabric and comfortable material. We’re so confident you and your pet will love our cat cushion bed.

Cozy Cushion Cat Bed


  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: The structure is sturdy and durable, creating a stable environment while your pet is inside. No collapsing walls or odd tilts to the dome, just an easily removable, super comfy cushion. Place the cushion on top of the igloo for a standard bed style, or leave it inside for your pet to snuggle up.
  • ANTI-ANXIETY: Like a big hug, the hut shape and noise-canceling material is a great way to bring your skittish puppy or kitty the calm they need. The teepee design and fuzzy material give your pet a place to cuddle up.
  • ULTRA-COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: A super soft plush material on the interior and exterior of the bed provides your pet with options and honors their sleeping preferences. It’s 100% natural cotton. The bedding acts as a buddy and gives your kitty or doggy a cute hideaway house that fits in with any furniture design!
  • STRESS-FREE MAINTENANCE: Not only is the inner cushion removable, but it also has a removable cover! The machine-washable material and easily removable cushion make cleaning, storage, and other maintenance a breeze!
  • EASY STORAGE: When not in use, simply fold the top of the bed down and flatten to fit into any storage space. Take it outside, in the car, on a boat, in a plane, and watch as the washing machine cleans every inch without ruining the shape.


  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Color: British Shorthair, Chick, Dinosaur, Green Dragon, Pink Rabbit
  • Size: S (31x30x28 cm), M (40x40x32 cm), L (48x45x37 cm)

Cozy Cushion Cat Bed


  • 1 x Cozy Cushion Cat Bed

7 reviews for Cozy Cushion Cat Bed

  1. Mindy Rodriguez

    My cat hasn’t used 1 bed I’ve ever bought, almost scared to go in one. Didn’t like the “smush”. Now he’s got arthritis in his hips and it’s hard for him to step over things but he hurts laying on hard surfaces and gets up to re-adjust constantly. This bed is so affordable and reviews so good I took a chance and am glad I did!

  2. Elvira Stewart

    This is a very soft bed with a water-resistant bottom and the kitty loves it. I was a little concerned when I opened it- my kitty is long and it makes stretching out in this difficult for him, however, he is content to curl up in it and flop his head and arms over the edge. He is picky so I was concerned that he wouldn’t like it, but after I placed him in it a few times, he learned that he likes the coziness.

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