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Carbon Steel Trimmer Head


  • Made from High-Quality Materials
  • Smooth Performance and Flexible
  • Service Life 10 Times Longer
  • Wear and Heat Resistant
  • Sharper and Stronger
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Carbon Steel Trimmer Head

Get rid of pesky moss and weeds growing in your beautiful garden, yard, lawn, or driveways with this ultra-strong Carbon Steel Trimmer Head. The indestructible design enables it to get cleaner lawns in less time with greater effect as compared to the traditional string trimmers.

Adopt an internal fixed plate structure to ensure consistency and safety, more sharp and efficient than other types. It can work normally when hitting a stone and a hard block. Service life will be 10 times longer than with other trimmer heads. Suitable for most trimmer models and straight-shaft garden pole tools.

Carbon Steel Weed Brush and Trimmer

This Steel Trimmer Head can be a kind of cleaning and polishing accessory, suitable for deburring, rust removal, dust removal, and oxide removal. It is easy to install and disassemble the trimmer equipment. You just place our Carbon Steel Weed Brush Trimmer on the top bolts of your straight shaft trimmers, then use the gasket and nut to fixture it. It can be operated well. Great for gardens, lawns, car parks, park green spaces, plant walls, stone roads with grass, farmland grass, orchards, and rust iron boards.

The Carbon Steel Weed Brush Trimmer is made from rust and wear-resistant steel wire while the steel disc is a fine-grade, heat-resistant stainless steel. Each twisted wire knot has the same number of steel wires and is distributed and positioned evenly on the steel plate to ensure proper balance and smooth operation without vibrations or fatigue on the engine.

Carbon Steel Weed Brush TrimmerThis Carbon Steel Weed Brush Trimmer

As it is made from high-quality and durable materials, the steel wire rotary brush is not easy to destroy even after it hits rocks, stumps, or concrete. As a whole, the Carbon Steel Weed Brush Trimmer provides flexibility that is absent on other blades. Each individual twisted steel knot is flexible but rigid enough to provide aggressive scrubbing action.

The Carbon Steel Weed Brush Trimmer kit includes everything you need to replace and install your weed eater, and the weed eater brush has a welding fixation and a strong kink, so the wire does not fall out easily. The structure of the Carbon Steel Weed Brush Trimmer is firm and stable.

This Carbon Steel Weed Brush Trimmer is easy to install and remove. Follow the installation steps in the installation manual in the package. Simply place the brush cutter head on the top bolt of the This Carbon Steel Weed Brush Trimmer, and then use the washer and nut to fix it so it can be used normally. The spool on the trimmer can be easily replaced with the combination tool in the This Carbon Steel Weed Brush Trimmer. The installation is tight and there is almost no vibration.

This Carbon Steel Weed Brush TrimmerThis Carbon Steel Weed Brush Trimmer

Carbon Steel Weed Brush Trimmer home gardening tools as the main element, we focus on product design innovation, comfort, and efficiency, and strictly control quality at every step of production and sales, and strive to provide you with comfortable and practical gardening Tools to improve your gardening experience, making gardening effortless for you and your family. Because of its smooth performance and flexibility, the carbon steel weed brush trimmer can be used as a cleaning and polishing accessory as well as a cleaning and cleaning tool.

Carbon Steel Weed Brush TrimmerCarbon Steel Weed Brush Trimmer


  • Easy setup and removal
  • Carbon steel braided blades
  • Sharper & stronger than string cutters
  • Made of high-quality steel wire, durable.
  • Handles lawns, driveways, and pathways
  • Connect with your existing weed trimmer
  • Lasts for years without needing replacement
  • Built-in mounting plate ensures consistency and safety.
  • Provides smooth performance and flexibility of the kneeling line.


  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Steel Wheel
  • Diameter: 150mm/6in or 200mm/8in


  • 1 x Carbon Steel Trimmer Head

9 reviews for Carbon Steel Trimmer Head

  1. Verna Moss O.

    This will scare the weeds off of your property after they get one look at it! It’s mean. I got through a patch of brambles in no time. The only recommendation gets a harness for your trimmer to help hold the weight. Otherwise, your arms will be exhausted.

  2. Kimylynz

    Awesome..great instructions. Very easy to install looks great.

  3. Ed J.

    The attachment was easy to put together. It fitted my gas trimmer easily.
    The intended objective is to clear the sides of the driveway from weeds and stray grass which grows every spring. It does a great job except that it is quite a heavy attachment.
    However, it is made of steel wire and also durable.

  4. Roger Wallce T.

    Can’t believe how well it works. Just a tip if your doing something like me ( finding a 1929 slate path) get a pair of chainsaw chaps the rocks hurt. Install was a little tricky but I have a Badger 52cc strait shaft the spindle is not long enough so you have to have some smarts……… I was ready for the install I did my research and knew it would be short ( also knew I could work with it ) all in all great equipment.

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